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Shooting in Alberobello

Among my most particular photographic experiences I cannot help but tell you about a photo shoot for a hen party in Alberobello... an adventure that left an indelible mark in my heart and in my portfolio.

Alberobello is a small town in Puglia, famous for its trulli (ancient stone houses with a characteristic conical shape). The future bride and her friends chose this location not only for its rustic beauty, but also for the strong bond the bride has with Puglia. Walking among the trulli, immersed in an atmosphere that seems suspended in time, was the perfect backdrop for capturing moments of joy and complicity within a photo shoot that lasted an entire day.

I decided to use exclusively natural light for this outdoor shooting, dividing and planning the various "parts" of the photo shoot based on the time of day.

The light of the Apulian sun, warm and enveloping, enhanced the vivid colors of the landscape and the unique architecture of the trulli.

In the morning, the soft light of the early sun created an intimate and sweet atmosphere, ideal for creating spontaneous and delicate portraits. At midday, the brighter light enhanced the contrasts and shadows, adding depth and intensity to the images. Finally, during the sunset, the warm, golden tones enveloped the protagonists, creating a relaxed, magical and convivial atmosphere.

In addition to the "technical" evaluations of my work, one of the most important aspects is knowing how to make the protagonists of the shooting feel at ease. During this day in Alberobello, I immediately established a relationship of trust and complicity with the group of friends. The key to getting in tune immediately? Communicate calm and willingness to listen. We joked, laughed and shared stories and a glass of rosé, creating a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. This allowed the girls to feel free to express themselves, making each shot authentic and natural.

The ability to suggest poses suited to the context and mood of the protagonists is essential for a photographer. In this case, I opted for spontaneous and dynamic poses that reflected the lightheartedness and joy of the moment. The girls walked through the narrow streets of Alberobello, explored the trulli, played among the centuries-old olive trees of the countryside and even danced typical local dances together with the locals. I captured every laugh, every knowing look and every affectionate gesture, creating a reportage that tells a story of friendship and love.

This photo shoot in Alberobello was an exciting and enriching experience.

I had the privilege of capturing precious moments in a dream location, using natural light to enhance the authentic beauty of the protagonists and the landscape.

The trust and complicity established with the girls made each shot unique and special, their satisfaction with the final result was, as always, the greatest reward.

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