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Andrea Veneziano is adigital artist Apulian.
His photographs range from reportage to portrait, preferring the purely creative aspect to the technical one.
Most of his video and photographic production has been processed during personal and professional travelsworldwide, from the most beautiful places in Italy to the most remote and hostile territories of Changbaishan.

Deeply marked by the surname which by definition is linked to a seaside city, discoveries and encounters between different cultures, his curious nature led him to try his hand at experimenting withdifferent photographic styles, from artistic to commercial projects dedicated to companies and toadvertising services.

During his 22 years of photographic practice he made, among others,event reportageof large dimensions both in contextsoutdoor cheindoor

At the base of his photographic production there is the concept ofclickas a means of transmission esharing emotions, the same ones tried by him in the moment of the photographic realization.

What makes a photograph effective is the condition of the photographer,in the right place at the right time, ready toseize the day.

Today Andrea Veneziano and also Studyof video and photographic production which, making use of important collaborations, allow him to range with variety in the proposal of the services offered, from thefashionuntil theimage design.

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